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We collaborate with mechanical engineers (aerodynamic specialists) and develop artificial wings using the morphological structures of the barn owl wing. In a first attempt we demonstrated that adding a velvet-like structure to a smooth wing surface improved aerodynamic properties in the figure the situation without velvet is shown on the left and that with velvet on the right). The transitional separation bubble was drastically reduced (blue in the figure).

Original Publications

Klaen S, Burgmann S, Bachmann T, Klaas M, Wagner H, Schroeder W (2012) Surface structure and dimensional effects on the aerodynamics of an owl-based wing model. Europ J Mechanics B/Fluids 33: 58-73.

Klän S, Bachmann T, Klaas M, Wagner H and Schröder W (2008): Experimental analysis of the flow field over a novel owl based airfoil. Experiments in Fluids, DOI 10.1007/s00348-008-0600-7.